What Is Technical Partnership

Even if your potential technical partner leaves you in no doubt and answers all the points listed above, the actual feedback from their customers can be helpful and give you a better idea of what to expect. In addition to your website, create a one-sheet PDF and deck for the partnership team, as well as a one-sheet PDF for developers. The partnership sheet should include the following: These annual fees can reach tens of thousands for elite partnership levels. Box ranges from $10 to $25,000 and Magento from $10,000 to $20,000, for example. Not only does this page tell your potential partners that you`re serious about your technology partnerships, but it also helps you gather lead analytics that can prove ROI. The more information a technical partnership agreement contains, the more useful it is for both partners. The agreement should at least address common objectives, describe and separate roles, responsibilities and commitments, and describe how the partners will make joint operational decisions. The agreement should also address issues such as intellectual property, set expectations for cost-sharing and address confidentiality. Finally, the agreement should include a dispute resolution strategy and describe the circumstances under which each partner can voluntarily terminate the relationship. I work at Pandium, where we sell an integration platform specifically for building SaaS marketplaces. We`ve helped dozens of customers, partners, and prospects launch and expand their technology partner programs. I`ve seen a lot of technology partnership programs adopted by partner managers do this for the first time (we`ve even written a book about it).

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a technology partnership for your business, rather than a one-way, one-way shopping experience with a technology provider? We have described the direct and indirect benefits of a technology partnership over a limited customer-supplier experience. The pillar of any successful relationship is communication, and partnerships are no different. In order to achieve very successful cooperation, regular and real discussions are essential. Here, issues such as achieving goals and new challenges that need to be addressed can be discussed and important goals and timelines can be kept on track. How can we keep up with changes in the rapidly changing world around us? Adapting cutting-edge technologies makes companies flexible, relevant and competitive in the market, but it reveals the challenge of choosing the right technical partner – the right questions and a smart approach will help you deal with them. Can we schedule a call to discuss a potential technology partnership? Once you`ve developed a shortlist of integrations that your customers would appreciate the most, evaluate potential partners for brand alignment, technical relevance, and their available support and resources. The points you need to define in your technology partnership agreement include: the approval process, monetization, co-marketing commitments, co-sales commitments, support, data sharing and tracking, and non-compliance. Your business has unique technology needs that need to be met and exciting opportunities to improve through technology. Does a partnership seem like the right solution for your business? People are the most valuable part of any business; No one will disagree. It is important to check how many people make up the team and what skills and specializations they have.

Even if there are enough experts for a full project development cycle and someone is missing, if the company can quickly find good help from the outside. If there is no public form or email for a potential technical partner and you don`t have a personal connection, search linkedin to find the right partnership person. Refine your search for the company you`re targeting, then search first with „partnerships“ and then with „alliances“ in the job title. Not every company can afford to have a CIO, CTO, engineering, developer, and technical expertise in-house. The right technology partner needs to complement and expand your company`s existing technical knowledge. Big ideas require big actions. No matter how great your idea is or how great a pro you are, you can`t do everything yourself. You don`t want to burn out completely before your product is even ready to hit the market, do you? Also, you should be able to take a step back and look at your product from afar to get the big picture. For this reason, you need to find a technical partner for a project. The one who will be reliable; A supplier who develops your product from scratch and helps you do it.

Contact us to find out how a technology partnership with High Touch can help you make things easier for your business. Before proceeding, you should check if your potential technical partner covers your industry. Also talk about their experiences in this particular direction, other projects they have been involved in, and other products they have developed. Feel free to contact the companies your future partner has already worked with and get feedback, search online for reviews, etc. The objectives of the alliance determine whether the relationship between your company and another company or supplier continues or has a certain lifespan. While revenue generation is primarily the underlying goal, technical partnerships also attempt to achieve additional goals. Focusing on maintaining or increasing a competitive advantage, reducing the impact of competition and achieving cost savings are among the most common, both in business-to-business and business-to-business technical partnerships. For example, a joint marketing program in which two non-competing companies that sell complementary products, create joint advertising, share mailing lists, and refer customers to each other can increase market exposure for both companies. Therefore, once you get started, you should have access to your own dedicated team of specialists covering all the basics – from business analysts to project managers, from software engineers to UI/UX designers, from QA engineers to data science experts, from ML and AI experts to DevOps engineers. This way, no matter what big projects you have, they will be able to develop your product from scratch. When it comes to implementing long-term technology systems, two minds are better than one – but just as a technology partnership can effectively provide any technical know-how, don`t underestimate the value that any business sense can bring in return. Gathering and sharing resources can be a very effective way to move both sides forward on the path to innovation and success.

Reports may seem a bit like a burden, but they are important for keeping track of every step of the process. Be sure to agree on the information each report will give you. The two most critical elements of a technical partnership agreement are the sections that make it clear that the agreement does not involve or constitute a business partnership, and that determine the life of the relationship. .